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Advanced Healthcare Technology
BP37™ Infant Temperature Maintenance Kit

A Portable, Battery-Operated Thermal Support Accessory for Babypod
Introducing the Advanced Healthcare Technology BP37™ Infant Temperature Maintenance Kit, an innovative solution designed to provide battery-operated, portable thermal support for infants without the need for mains electricity. This advanced system is suitable for use during transportation within or between medical facilities, ensuring consistent thermal care for infants.

Key Features

  • Battery-Operated Portability: The BP37™ Controller can be attached to Babypod and Neopod devices using a quick-release bracket, offering reliable thermal support wherever it’s needed, without relying on mains electricity.
  • Precise Temperature Monitoring: The BP37™ device constantly checks the surface temperature of the thermal support matrix four times every second, ensuring a stable and safe temperature is maintained.
  • Thermal Support Matrix: This component adheres to the vacuum mattress inside the BabyPod with two low-tack adhesive pads, providing even, flexible temperature distribution. The adhesive pads are designed for easy removal and disposal, ensuring single-patient use.
  • The Thermal Support Matrix is constructed with biocompatible non-woven fabric and adhesive, suitable for direct skin contact. When no longer needed, the matrix can be easily discarded by tearing along perforated sections, breaking the heater circuit to prevent reuse.

Long-Lasting Components

  • BP37™ Controller: Equipped with a display showing battery status, surface temperature, and ambient temperature, the controller operates on a low-voltage Li-ion battery, providing a consistent surface temperature of 37°C (99°F). The controller and connecting components have a useful life of 5 years under normal use conditions.
  • Battery Charger: Designed to last up to 3 years, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Flexible and Safe
  • The BP37™ Thermal Support Matrix offers a uniform temperature distribution and remains flexible, adapting to the contours of the vacuum mattress inside the BabyPod. Tested for biocompatibility, the materials used ensure safe skin contact during use.

Exclusive Use with AHT Products

The BP37™ Controller is specifically designed for use with AHT branded BP37™ Thermal Support Matrix, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

With the BP37™ Infant Temperature Maintenance Kit, Advanced Healthcare Technology continues to provide innovative solutions for neonatal care, enhancing the safety and comfort of infants during critical transport phases.




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