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Advanced infant transport device


Technology inspired by Formula One™

Infant transport devices by Advanced Healthcare Technologies

Transporting newborns & infants requires an environment that will keep them safe, secure and warm, and until now the only way to guarantee a stable warm environment for the baby has been to use a heavy, cumbersome and physically large infant transport incubator. These expensive infant transport devices require an electricity supply to function, are not always readily available, and most require dedicated vehicles.

Discover BabyPod 2, the neonatal transport device inspired by Formula One™

Using the same technology, materials and design features that protect Formula One racing car drivers from injury during a crash, the revolutionary BabyPod infant transport device range provides the security and warmth that a newborn or infant needs, at a fraction of the cost of a standard infant transport incubator, in a package that is light, easy to handle, and can attach to any transport stretcher currently available.

Our original flagship product, the BabyPod 2 Infant transport device, was developed to fill a requirement for a safety-focused, easily manageable solution for inter/intra-hospital transport of neonates, and we’ve since applied this same ethos of patient safety, warmth and comfort to provide much needed solutions in other areas of in-hospital neonatal care.

Company News

19.05.2024 - Introducing the new NEOPOD - a warm, safe and secure transport device for neonatals

NeoPod – Neonatal transport device

Transporting newborn babies requires an environment that will keep them warm, safe and secure. When neonatals are transported, they have nowhere to be placed other than in their parents arms!
These neonatals run the risk of heat loss and of injury should the transporting vehicle be involved in an accident or have to take evasive action, or in the case of an aircraft, be subject to turbulence.

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12.03.2024 - New in the U.K. - pNeuton Ventilators for newborn, neonatals and infants

AIRON pNeuton mini & pNeuton mini neo ventilators

With immediate effect, AHT is taking over the distribution of the Airon brand pNeuton mini and pNeuton mini NEO devices, which are very well known in the USA, for the UK market. The devices are ideally suited to replace the widely used but now discontinued Pneupac babyPAC ventilator or paraPAC plus ventilators from Smiths Medical.

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The BabyPod 2 infant transport device for transporting infants by plane used by a female nurse.
The revolutionary infant transport incubator for use in ambulances in planes

In 2017 we launched

its successor, the BabyPod 20. Using a decade of user feedback and experience, blended with technological advances in materials and design, the infant transport device BabyPod 20 is a lighter, stronger unit, with greater patient access and usability, and a stronger fixation method to satisfy ever increasing aviation requirements.

The ScanPod based on the BabyPod infant transport device in use in MR/CT
Scan pod used as an infant transport incubator in CT or MR

The ScanPod,

launched in 2012, is a portable, in-hospital environment for the imaging of neonates with MRI/CT and X-Ray, and 2015 brought the EvacPod, a solution for emergency evacuation of infants from the PICU in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

upper lid of the BabyPod infant transport unit lower body of the BabyPod infant transport unit

Slide & Tilt

clear access panels provide optimum visibility & access.

Sliding Access panel

allows for adjustment during transit to baby or sensors

Medical air supply

provides the patient with clear ambient air (optionally attachable)


using the latest technology to provide safest environment exceeding all current standards

Strapping system

features high-tensile webbing and a metal quick connect buckle

Survival cell

designed by Formular One™ engineers at Williams | Advanced Engineering

picture of transport of newborn in a plane using babypod20

Our Misson?

Saving and supporting newborn life

Our Tools?

Just the best!

Infant transport device

The Baby Pod range

from Advanced Healthcare Technology

equipping the babypod infant transport device with a warming blanket
Logo of the BabyPod 2 infant transport device


Infant transport device

Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them safe and warm. Until now, the only way to guarantee this has been to use a heavy, cumbersome, and physically large transport incubator. These expensive devices require an electrical supply to function and are not readily available as they require additional equipment, time, manpower and dedicated vehicles.

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Inspired by formula 1 - the babypod 20 infant transport incubator
The logo of the BabyPod 20 infant transport device


Infant transport device

The BabyPod 20 is the culmination of two years of development between Advanced Healthcare Technology Ltd. and Williams Advanced Engineering, with the aim of incorporating new technological developments and user requested features from the past 15 years of experience with the original BabyPod II, and to bring to market a Baby Pod Infant Transport Device to meet the challenges of transporting infant patients in 2017, and into the future.

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The ScanPod enters an MR device
Logo of the ScanPod CR/MR scan device


Infant & neonatal scan device

MR imaging today is an increasingly important diagnosis tool for neonatal infants. Its non-invasive nature is especially important considering the size and nature of the patients requiring treatment and early diagnosis critical to direct treatment efficiently and at the earliest opportunity. The Scan Pod is designed to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the infant patient, in which to undergo MRI, CT or X-Ray imaging

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The EvacPod is used for transport of infants in emergency evacuation
Logo of the EvacPod emergency evacuation infant transport device


Infant evacuation device

A new addition to the BabyPod family, coming in 2014, is the EvacPod PICU/NICU evacuation unit. Intended for use in the event of a fire or natural disaster affecting a hospital, the EvacPod is used for transport of patients within PICU/NICU or maternity wards in the event of a ward or hospital emergency evacuation.

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