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When you need an alternative for

Smiths Medical’s Pneupac babyPAC ventilator or their paraPAC plus ventilators,

Airon’s proven ventilators are ready to help you.

You and your patients deserve reliable, FDA/CE-certified ventilators with precision operation, and immediate availability. Airon Corporation can provide what you need.

Recent events affecting healthcare providers

After acquiring Smiths Medical in January, 2022, ICU Medical issued a letter on August 17, 2022 stating Smiths Medical’s Pneupac™ babyPAC™ Transport Ventilators would be discontinued in the USA effective September 31, 2022, 

Further, in a letter dated February 12, 2024, Smiths Medical issued an “Urgent Medical Device Correction” for the paraPAC plus™ Ventilator .

And, on March 19, 2024, the FDA issued a Class 1 Device Recall for paraPAC plus ventilators.

There is a trusted solution 

Airon’s pNeuton family of efficient, effective and affordable ventilators can meet your requirements.

As an option for your neonatal and infant needs, Airon offers the pNeuton® mini and mini NEO ventilators that meet virtually the same performance specifications as the babyPAC for use in portable ventilation – transport, MRI and NICU. Take a look at this pNeuton mini and mini NEO and babyPAC Comparison Guide.

About the pNeuton mini and pNeuton mini NEO

Both the Airon pNeuton mini and pNeuton mini NEO are small, lightweight ventilators with precise timing and pressure controls designed for use on patients from 400 grams to 25 kilograms, and 400 grams to 20 kilograms respectively.

Both ventilators use pure pneumatic operation – no electricity or batteries required – and have built-in oxygen mixing – 21 to 100% – to meet the precise needs of patients.

And, the mini and mini NEO are MRI compatible, allowing for scanning with no image artifact. The ventilator can be placed close to the MRI magnet with no gauss line restriction. Best of all, both can be connected to a remote alarm in the MRI control room to enhance patient safety. Get more details about the Airon pNeuton mini Ventilator, or the Airon pNeuton mini NEO Ventilator.

About Airon Corporation

Established in 1997, Airon provides neonatal, infant, pediatric and adult critical care life support to hospitals around the world, and accommodates even the most fragile patients. Our products deliver effective patient ventilation with critical care CPAP for labor/delivery, NICU, ICU, MRI, internal transport and pre-hospital applications, including ground and air transport. 

Since our inception, Airon is consistently focused on improving critical care patient respiratory support. The inherent safety and long-term reliability of Airon’s technology make our ventilators and CPAP systems unique in today’s marketplace. All Airon ventilators and CPAP products are proudly made in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Learn more or contact us at www.AironUSA.com

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