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Transporting newborn babies requires an environment that will keep them warm, safe and secure. When neonatals are transported, they have nowhere to be placed other than in their parents arms!

These neonatals run the risk of heat loss and of injury should the transporting vehicle be involved in an accident or have to take evasive action, or in the case of an aircraft, be subject to turbulence.

Until now, the only way to guarantee a warm environment for the baby, has been to use a heavy, cumbersome and physically large transport incubator. These expensive devices require an electrical supply for them to function, are not readily available and most require dedicated vehicles.

Using the same technology, materials and design features

that protect Formula 1 racing drivers from injury, NeoPod has been engineered to provide the security and warmth a newborn requires, at a fraction of the cost of a standard transport incubator.

Hi-tech, carbon fibre construction ensures compliance with CEN1789, SAE J3043, FAR 23.561 general aviation and FAR 23.562 emergency landing dynamic conditions.

Intended for neonatals up to 5 kilograms,

the NeoPod offers many of the features provided by standard transport incubators without the complexity of the design.

Warmth can be provided by various accesories; the BP37™ Infant Temperature Maintenance Kit can provide an even temperature of 37°C for a minimum of 4 hours, or the clinically proven TransWarmer Infant Transport Mattress, an exothermic gel mattress, which can provide an even 38°C temperature for up to 2 hours.

The unique fixation system,

using webbing straps and quick release buckles, allows it to be mounted to any stretcher.

Weighing up to only 6kg (with additional components), the NeoPod is easily lifted by a single person and there is no need for any special stretcher fixation points in the vehicle.

The NeoPod shell is manufactured

from carbon fibre with a PETG lid section, allowing the neonatal to have a CT scan or X-Ray whilst remaining in the NeoPod.

At a cost that is less than 20% of a standard transport incubator, the NeoPod provides a simple, safe and cost effective solution to infant transport problems.

NeoPod is designed to safely convey a neonatal patient between 2 facilities.

NeoPod is designed to provide safe conveyance of a patient whose weight does not exceed 5kg (11lbs).

NeoPod is X-ray translucent and CT compatible. It consists of a lightweight carbon fibre outer shell, which is lined with shock absorbent foam inner layers and has a transparent lid for viewing and accessibility.

NeoPod contains a patient positioning mattress, stretcher fixing straps to secure the device for transport and safety straps to secure the infant inside the device during transport.

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BabyPod 2 weight icon

Infant weight limit


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740 x 440 x 280mm
(L x W x H)

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6kg (13.2lbs)
without patient

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 Carbon fibre, PETG

BabyPod 2 compliance icon

 Standard Compliance

 CEN 1789
(exceeds 10g in 6 directions)

picture of transport of newborn in a plane using babypod20

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